What is online video converter and downloader?

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We present you the service (in other words "youtube downloader"), which offers online conversion of any video from youtube to Mp3. May be any other file (avi, mov, mp4, wmv). Below we will look at:

  • Sites
  • Platforms
  • Formats
  • Conversion sites
  • Legality


Such services are good because they don't needed of an any software to installation. Let's remember what to do for converting youtube video:

What is online video converter and downloader?

  • a) You need to select a link in a browser address line;
  • b) Inset it into the appropriate field;
  • c) Start the process by pressing a convert key.


Mac and Windows are the most wide-spread platforms for such downloaders. Online converter BestVideoConvertr.net can be used on any platform.


Mp3, Avi, Mp4, Mov, Wmv (and numerous other types of file) are available for converting videos from YouTube. So that you are not confused, let's look at some widespread formats:

  • MP3 decrypted like MPEG Layer III Audio. Many people know that this is the most pop and widely known format of sound files (often music).
  • MP4 is the MPEG-4. It is already a multimedia format, most used for storage. This is usually vid and sound, but there may be images and subtitles.
  • Avi - audio and video together. Usually contains these both types of data that alternate with each other, ensuring synchronous playback of the file.
  • Mov is an extension of the multiplayer named QuickTime.
  • WMV is a multimedia type of file from Microsoft, which consists of video compressed formats.
  • 3GP is a multiformat from developers of 3G UMTS multi-services. Usually used on phones that support 3G, it can also be played on some 4G and even 2G devices.

Conversion sites

The name “downloader” means that you can save your fav videos and download by yourself wherever you want. But on online youtube downloader you can download vids from other sources, such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Metacafe, VK, SoundCloud, Instagram, AOL, Vevo, Google Drive, Twitter etc.


Here you have to make out the topic in more detail, because everything is very controversial. On the one hand, access can be obtained to any information, on the other - copyright infringement is possible, especially on YouTube. If you are worried about this question and just to avoid problems, then you need to study the legislation of your country.

For example, Canada recently passed a law (C-11 Copyright Modernization) on the modernization of copyright, which suggests that downloading and processing content may be completely legal.

"The bill C-11 text states that if content an individual acquires legally (such as YouTube), uses for private purposes, not gives the content away, makes no more than one copy, and keeps the content for a reasonable amount of time in order to listen at a more convenient time, then, 'It is not an infringement of copyright for an individual to fix a communication signal, to reproduce a work or sound recording that is being broadcast or to fix or reproduce a performer's performance that is being broadcast, in order to record a program for the purpose of listening to or viewing."

In Germany, freedom to use content is also supported. The same videos from YouTube (or other digital compositions) are completely available for download, as the third party's copyright is not violated by law.

In general, judging by federal law, you have the indisputable right to make a copy of the content or media for yourself. Google sometimes tries to revoke the rights of users to this action, but this is already illegal and is unlikely to come into effect. Moreover, it is a big minus for their reputation and questions their self-presentation. In any case, you have to check your local law if is it legal to use a YouTube Downloader in your country or not.