Frequently Asked Questions

Can the number of files I want to convert be limited?

In addition, you can use our online converter as many times as you like, plus our site is absolutely free. So welcome!

What is the duration of the conversion? How much to wait?

We have one of the highest conversion rates, but still the speed of the day and the duration of the source can affect the speed. Plus you should not forget that our site is very popular, so there are sometimes reboots. At such moments, you will have to wait a little longer. It is also important to consider your Internet connection, if you have a slow stream, unfortunately, you will have to wait longer than usual. For example, the conversion of a 5-minute youtube to mp3 video can take up to a minute.

What formats are available to me?

We support almost all types, including AAC, M4A, MP3 (128KB), MP3 (256KB), MP3 (320KB), 3GP, MP4, MKV, F4V, WEBM.

Can I use your services with a tablet or phone?

It all depends on your system. For Android users will not be difficult to use online video downloader and directly save vids to your phone. However, for iPhone owners, we are still developing video saving functions. So far, unfortunately, the finished video cannot be saved. Therefore, we are working on an application that will help to do this.

Can I correct a video volume?

  • click "Volume setting" before converting;
  • drag the volume panel (by default it is 100%) and set the quantity you need;
  • then convert and voila! All is ready!

How video downloader works? What to do?

  1. you highlight a link in an address line
  2. insert it into the appropriate field
  3. start the process by pressing a convert button
  4. wait five seconds, and press download button (or edit button, if you want to edit and then download file)

Why wait five seconds?

Advertising is a good way to help us manage our server updates, also maintenance costs and the entire site.

Can I trim my video? How?

Yes, to do this, first convert video and then click "Edit file", pull the slider controls as you wish, then click "OK, I'm ready." It can be like your own video by online video converter!

Is it possible to edit the file's information?

After conversion, you can click "Edit file". You may change a title, name, year, and so on. It is important that each section is filled.

Gives a boot error, why so?

As various sites with video content are periodically updated, so are we trying to update over time. Otherwise, problems with conversion are inevitable. If you encounter this problem, most likely we are working on updates, so we apologize and ask to wait a bit. Also you can write to us here.

Is it possible to convert from any video site?

At the moment we support only a few sites, such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Metacafe, VK, SoundCloud, Instagram, AOL, Vevo, Google Drive, Twitter so on. However, we are already working on adding more sites that will convert video to mp3 and other formats.

Is your site exactly free and unlimited?

As mentioned above, our site is absolutely free and has no restrictions on the number of conversions. However, pity to say, as the site sometimes has limited resources, this may affect some services. For example, video for more than thirty minutes in MP4 or MP3 type of file cannot be converted. Unfortunately, you will have to wait until the first video is converted to start the next one.

And how long does it take?

In general, the conversion's speed depends on the video's sizes. For example, converting to MP3 at a speed of 128 kbps per second lasts about twenty seconds.

Conversion is taking a long time, why is this happening?

As we noted earlier, there are flashes of activity on sites, and during these periods the conversion can take longer than usual. Therefore, be patient and wait, or it is better to try later.